Chemical Ratio:

1,000 – 5,000 Gallons (1 Algae Kill, 5 Bags Shock)
5,000 – 12,000 Gallons (2 Algae Kill, 10 Bags Shock)
12,000 + Gallons (2 Algae Kill, 15 Bags Shock)

  • Pour Shock through skimmer, Pour Algae Kill around pool.
  • This treatment is good for approximately 48 hours.
  • If the pool is still Green, repeat the above process.
  • If the pool has turned to a milky blue color. The pool then will need to be floced.
  • If the pool has cleared enough to see the bottom of the deep end, bring us a water sample.
  1. Turn Valve to Recirculate.
  2. Pour 1-2 Bottles of Liquid Floc thru Skimmer.
  3. Allow pump to run for 2 hours & cut off for 24 hours.
    (During the 24-hour period particles will settle to the bottom)
  4. Vacuum to waste.
    (Vacuum slowly, not to stir up debris on bottom)

Repeat as needed.

Doing it the right way can mean the difference between a summer of fun and a summer of headaches! Follow these important (and easy) steps to ensure a smooth, carefree pool opening in the spring. And remember, Kirk’s Pool & Hearth is always ready to assist with information tailored to your specific pool care needs.

  1. Remove pool cover (skip this step for new pools)
    Drain off any accumulated water on the cover away from your pool. Once removed, clean with Pool Seasons Cover Cleaner to prevent sticking and odors. Store in a dry place, free of debris and protected from the sun and weather.
  2. Fill your pool
    Your pool should be filled to the middle of the skimmer opening to allow for proper circulation.
  3. Check your pump, skimmer basket & filter ( Make Sure Drain Plugs are in)
  4. Get your water tested
    Be sure to circulate pool water 24 to 48 hours before taking a water sample. Using a clean plastic container (or better still, one that your dealer provides), scoop about one quart of water from elbow-depth. Seal the container and take it to Kirk’s Pool & Hearth for testing and analysis.
    Pool Seasons pioneered the idea of computerized water analysis. Over the past 25 years, we have used our resources to research, develop and refine the science of water analysis. Today, our computerized water analysis system provides accurate results almost instantly. You receive personalized instructions for starting the pool. Help keep your water perfectly balanced by bringing in a water sample at least once every month during the pool season.
  5. Test sanitizer & pH levels
    Use the following chart to determine proper levels:
Free chlorine residual 1.0 to 3.0 ppm
Total Bromine residual 1.0 to 3.0 ppm
pH 7.4 to 7.6 is ideal range (7.2 -7.6 is acceptable)
Total Alkalinity 125 to 150 ppm
Calcium Hardness:
Plaster pools
All other types
200 to 275 ppm
175 to 225 ppm

2. Turn valve to the BACKWASH position. Allow pump to run until eyeglass turns clear.
3. Turn valve to the RINSE position. Allow pump to run for 10 seconds.
4. Turn valve to the FILTER position. This is the everyday running position.

WEEKLY CHEMICALS (excludes salt water pools)

1. Pour 6 to 8 oz pool season algaecide 50 into pool.
2. Pour 6 to 8 oz pool season clarifier 50 into pool.
3. Pour 2 to 3 bags of pool shock into the skimmer.
4. Always maintain 2 chlorine sticks in the skimmer or 10-15 bromine tabs in the skimmer.

SALT POOLS – Make sure to bring a water sample in every 6 weeks
Vacuum pool as needed.
Brush pool walls monthly or as needed.
Always do your weekly maintenance on the same day every week.


• Pour “Winterizer Algaecide” around pool
(1 gallon per 10K gallons)

• Pour “Super Shock” thru skimmer
(above ground pools -2, inground pools -3)

• Allow pool to circulate for 48 hours

• Install Skimmer Guard into Skimmer

• Pull Eyeball out of return and install rubber plug

• Uninstall all hoses from pool to pump/filter system

• Pull plug from the bottom of the pump, filter & chlorinator

• Install air pillows under cover

• Cover pool